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Navigating the New Landscape of Letting with R&G Property Bristol & The Renter's Reform Bill

In an era where the rental market is becoming increasingly complex and regulated, R&G Property Bristol stands at the forefront of innovation and security for landlords. The challenges of today's rental market, from the rise in sophisticated referencing fraud to the significant legislative shifts with the proposed abolition of Section 21 "no-fault" evictions, demand a nuanced and robust approach to property management.

Our partnership with Goodlord has ushered in a revolutionary solution to tenant referencing issues, leveraging technology to directly verify incomes with HMRC. This method, integral to our Collect & Protect and R&G Prestige Management plans, offers an unprecedented layer of security and efficiency, ensuring that landlords can navigate the intricacies of tenant selection with confidence and ease.

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Apartment Block

Furthermore, the landscape of tenancy agreements is on the brink of transformation. The Renters (Reform) Bill aims to abolish Section 21 evictions, heralding a new era of periodic tenancies and strengthened eviction grounds. While this poses new challenges for landlords, R&G Property Bristol is prepared to navigate these changes, offering guidance and support through every legislative turn.

Our comprehensive landlord plans—Collect & Protect and Prestige Management—go beyond merely placing a tenant in your property. They include full Rent and Legal protection, underwritten at the point of application for speedy payouts. This means not only are your tenancies securely referenced, but your rent is guaranteed, and legal costs are covered, providing a safety net in this turbulent market.

In these uncertain times, partnering with R&G Property Bristol means not just surviving but thriving. With our innovative approaches and comprehensive protection plans, landlords can look forward to a future where their investments are secure, and their returns are consistent. Visit R&G Property Bristol to learn more about how we can make your letting experience seamless and secure. Always simple, always thorough.


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