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Annual Loyalty Scheme

Annual Discounts

No Hidden fees

No Hidden Fees

Free statements

Free statements

7 Day maintenance

7 Day Maintenance

One point of contact

One point of contact

Faster Payments

Instant Payments

Switch Guarantee

Switching estate agents can feel like a daunting task – almost like switching bank accounts. But at R&G, we’ve streamlined the process to be as effortless as possible for you. Think of us as your real estate concierge: we’ll handle the transition paperwork, conduct safety checks, retrieve the keys, and provide a complimentary property inspection. Your part? Simply send a single email to your current agent, and we’ll manage the rest.


To welcome you to the R&G team, we'll give you a £100 maintenance credit towards future property maintenance for every property you transfer over.

Don't forget, with us your agreed management fee moves down 0.25% every year you're with us, how about it?


Easy, seamless, and rewarding – that’s the R&G way.

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Portfolio Calculator

Whether you’re managing a single rental or juggling a diverse portfolio, R&G promises unmatched savings in both time and money. Our innovative portfolio calculator is a first in the industry, offering you instant clarity on your potential savings—with no need for lengthy phone calls or unnecessary complications. Experience streamlined management with R&G, where simplicity meets efficiency.

  1. Enter your current rental income details for a comprehensive analysis.

  2. Include the total fees you're paying now, inclusive of VAT, for an accurate comparison.

  3. Discover the potential savings and portfolio growth, feel great.

  4. Schedule your consultation with us today using the link below.

*minimum fee % applies to 3.5% rent collect and 5% managed.

Want to start saving?

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