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Introducing 8-Week Deposit Coverage: Maximising Tenant Savings & Enhancing Landlord Security

At R&G we are always looking for ways to lessen the financial burden for tenants and landlords. Another innovation giving 8 weeks deposit for landlords with no heft deposits for tenants.

We are thrilled to announce an innovative partnership with Reposit, transforming the way tenants secure rentals and providing landlords with greater peace of mind. This collaboration introduces a groundbreaking alternative to traditional cash deposits, aligning with our commitment to ease and efficiency in the rental market.

For Tenants: A Leap Towards Financial Freedom

The Reposit model is a game-changer for tenants, allowing them to move into their new home without the burden of a hefty deposit. Instead of the traditional deposit—which can often amount to five weeks' rent—tenants now have the option to pay a small, one-off fee equivalent to one week's rent. This approach not only alleviates financial strain but also frees up funds for other essential expenses, from furniture to savings. Reposit ensures that the transition between homes is smoother and more affordable, letting tenants allocate their resources where they matter most​.

For Landlords: Enhanced Protection and Convenience

Landlords stand to benefit significantly from our partnership with Reposit. Instead of the conventional five weeks' rent security, Reposit offers an eight-week rent protection. This insurance-backed model grants landlords 60% more cover, reducing financial risks associated with rent arrears and damages. By opting for Reposit, landlords can enjoy the ease of faster property lettings and reduced void periods, thanks to the attractive "deposit free" option for tenants. Additionally, Reposit is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), ensuring landlords are securely covered​.

How Reposit Works

Reposit streamlines the rental process for everyone involved. Tenants can express interest in using Reposit through their agents or landlords. Upon choosing Reposit, they pay the fee online, activating their Reposit cover before the tenancy starts. Landlords, in turn, receive protection for eight weeks' rent, providing an extra layer of financial security. At the end of the tenancy, charges for cleaning, damages, or rent arrears are easily managed through Reposit's platform, with landlords receiving direct payments for any dues.

A Step Forward

Our partnership with Reposit embodies our vision for a more accessible, flexible, and secure rental market. It's about offering choices that reflect the diverse needs of tenants and landlords alike, fostering a community where everyone benefits.

To learn more about how Reposit can benefit you, whether you're looking to rent a new home or let your property, visit Reposit's website. Together, we're moving towards a future where renting is simpler and more satisfying for all.

For more information visit them at:

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