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Elevate your furry friend's lounge game with the R&G Estate Agents Exclusive Pet Bed—a luxurious throne for your four-legged home security system. Designed for the discerning pet who knows the value of a good property (spot), this bed features a feather-soft fleece exterior that's customizable to showcase your pet's personality or match your stylish decor. The reverse boasts a chic dark brown, easy-to-clean, zippered back, ensuring that elegance is never compromised, even in the most spirited of living rooms.


Crafted with a 100% polyester print area for vivid dreams of chasing squirrels in lavish gardens, and a 100% cotton underside to pamper their paws, our bed is the pinnacle of pet comfort. The meticulous construction includes a zipper closure for easy maintenance and a shape-retaining insert, promising countless nights of snug sleep.


Tailored for indoor use to keep your 'roving security system' close by, each bed is carefully pre-constructed with a keen eye for detail.


Give your pet the gift of their own exclusive spot with R&G—where every nap feels like a day at the spa, and every wakeful moment is in the lap of luxury. After all, shouldn't your home's most loyal protector enjoy a little opulence too?

R&G Lifestyle: Exclusive Pet Bed

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